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Dolphin stainless steel is a combination of ferrous alloys that contain a minimum of approximately 11% chromium a composition that prevents the iron from rusting and also provide heat resistant properties.

Established in 2018 as a result of study conducted by a group of experienced professionals at various level(engineering, manufacturing, sales and management.

They came to the conclusion that to augment the need of Engineering services a company made by professionals should be established to provide diversified services hi high lightning Engineering services particularly steel structures. In a result dolphin stainless steel pipes came in existence. It caters the needs of designs, details, fabrication and erection of all imaginable structural Steel structures

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Dolphin Inox Stainless Steel Pipes high end manufacturing services are a perfect complement to today’s high tech industries.


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A Company involved in servicing, maintenance and repairs of engines, prime movers and exhaust gas turbochargers. We are an integrated engineering company comprised of agile and experienced engineers skilled in different types of engineering work.


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All functions including supply chain, value chain, project scheduling, manufacturing, services and spares,
technology, R&D, etc. are integrated to give a complete solutions package.

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    Dolphin Inox Stainless Steel Pipes was established in 2018 as a culmination of a comprehensive study conducted by a group of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise at various levels. The company was founded with a strategic vision and the collective experience of these professionals, aiming to bring innovative solutions and high-quality stainless steel pipes to the market.

    Dolphin Inox Stainless Steel Pipes is developing through a strategic approach, incorporating advanced technologies, ongoing research, and development, maintaining high-quality standards, exploring new markets, and emphasizing environmental sustainability.

    Credible international sustainability standards include ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 9001 (Quality Management), and ISO 50001 (Energy Management). Additionally, organizations may adhere to standards like the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for comprehensive sustainability reporting and the United Nations Global Compact for aligning with principles related to human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

    This form of funding can include the owner's initial investment to start the business, additional injections of capital for expansion, and ongoing financial support. It suggests that the company may not be relying on external investors or loans to finance its operations and growth.

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